Who are you?

We are a group of friends, who observing the needs,

tried with their  own way to cover them.

So, when we noticed the citizens sad, we tried to encourage them.
when we felt injustice (which still happens) we stood for justice.
When we saw our city dull we danced, cried and prayed.
When we realized that we can't bring long lasting change by ourselves,
we asked for God's help.
When we wereleft with no money, we started our own social businesses that would support, service 
and communicate with others our vision..

"To see our cities filled with Hope,
our friends excited with their future,
and strangers like our brothers to be, in all this effort."

Because something changed on that specific day,
and now on we can see light in the darkness.
A change that started from within.

That's how we became the "streetlights"
If you like, come and join us!

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